Does my grade start over at the quarter/semester?

The problem here is that people are used to a complicated system that artifically weights different time periods and/or tasks. Why would you average test grades, then count those as 50% of the quarter grade? Do these tests really constitute 50% of the work involved?

I think not. Thus, I add points. The more something is worth, the more it affects your grade. As a bonus, there is no need to average averages (40% of this quarter grade plus 40% of this quarter grade plus 20% of the semester exam)—all you have to do is add your earned points (for the week, month, quarter…whatever), and divide by the possible points. That’s Third-Grade math!

Thus, when people ask "Does my grade start over at the quarter/semester?" I think that they are thinking of my adding, and thinking that I have personally eliminated the quarters (i.e., that I only report the Year-To-Date grade).

Not true (much as I would like to do this!). I still have to report a grade for each quarter. To find that grade, add all of the points that you earned during that quarter, and divide by the number of points you could have earned during the quarter.

So, to recap: to find your grade for any time period (day, week, month, quarter), add the number of earned points, add the number of possible points, and divide.

Update: Alas, the Idiots In Charge finally handed down a decree that I must use the stupid Average of Averages for semester and year grades. I continue to use Total Points for all other grades.

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