I want to know more about Holloman

Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place! You could start by reading the Biography, or following his antics on Facebook

What he looks like: here’s a picture taken just before the 4 August 2007 Weird Al Yankovic concert at Carowinds. He dresses better for school.

What he sounds like: listen to this…or this, if you’re adventurous. If you want to hear something in English, you’ll just have to come see him.

Height: about 186cm

Astrological Sign: Western - Scorpio; Eastern - Monkey

Why he writes about himself in the third person: unknown

Why he hates sports: competition is spiritually wrong. The only time that competition is OK is for survival.

Why he likes math: most likely a genetic disposition, plus an excellent High School Calculus teacher (Dale Kreuger).

Why he loves Winter: because he was born on a blustery mid-Autumn day, perhaps?

Why he is so unlike anyone else you know: a deep stubborn / independent streak; an unwillingness to follow for the sake of following; a willingness to explore the strange and unusual…

Why he’s so sarcastic: if only we knew…

Favorite Movie: Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith (and Star Wars in general)

Favorite Novel: “Anathem” by Neal Stephenson

Favorite beverage: Sweet Tea

Favorite food: Pumpkin Pie

Favorite Music: New Age, Jazz, Polka, International Folk, Classical, 80’s

Languages: English (en-us; fluent), German (reads and writes better than hears or speaks), Japanese (ditto), Klingon (does it matter?).

Favorite number: twelve. It has the best name in German, too! (zwölf)

Favorite color: blue (though green is much better in German: grün)

…more to be added later! Of course, you can learn even more (in a holistic sense) by reading the various entries in Hollomania!, where Holloman bares his soul for all to see.

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